What is ShedVerse?

Manage everything from your initial client interaction to quotes, financing, production, delivery, repairs, and more!


Efficiently generate accurate quotes, monitor activities, and gain a comprehensive overview of your pipeline utilizing easy to read charts and graphs. 


Seamlessly navigate the payment process with a fully integrated lease management module designed to automate your collections management.


Effortlessly manage shed builds with an automated process that keeps you and your client informed about the the build progress.

Manage Your Business from One Universe

ShedVerse is the result of a focused effort, tailor-made for portable building companies. ShedVerse is engineered to eliminate repetitive tasks that eat away at your team’s valuable time, fostering seamless interdepartmental communication to pinpoint issues, devise solutions, reduce misunderstandings, and ultimately, amplify productivity and profitability.

iPad Design for a Team On The Go

Whether on the sales floor, on the road for deliveries, or on the plant floor assembling your products, ShedVerse allows dealers, drivers, and staff to work on the go. Your team can save valuable time by completing transactions quickly and efficiently either at their desk or on the move. 

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Watch the YouTube video on Shed Geek to hear about ShedVerse from Joe Scarpetta and Matt Blake. Hosted by Shannon Latham. Revolutionizing the Shed Industry:  A Deep Dive with ShedVerse Founders

Comprehensive Process and Workflow Solution.

ShedVerse allows you to work seamlessly through each step of a customer’s portable building project. Take your customers from initial contact to manufacturing to delivery to warranty in one universe.

Take your business to the next level and step into ShedVerse. Enabling your team to work quickly and efficiently through each step of the process. 


Access to customers and prospects quickly and efficiently.


Help customers in designing their sheds with all available options.


Access to location and status of projects, right  at your fingertips.


Finance your customers right from your own business.

Let's Work Together

Our professionals will listen to your needs, understand your business and how you work, then teach you how in ShedVerse.

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