You asked us to simplify managing the people at your dealerships/lots and we listened!

As of this week, ShedVerse clients can manage all of their dealer contacts from one central location. Previously, you would need to go into each lot to manage who the people are that were connected to that lot. Now, when you add a new contact, you can manage everything (and everyone) from one centralized location:

    • Create his/her login
    • Deactivate his/her login (temporarily or permanently)
    • Manage his/her contact information
    • Add all of the lots he/she is associated with
    • Mark the contact inactive from the system, or just from an individual lot
    • Select a primary lot
    • Manage commission type and payment frequency (by lot)
    • View last login date/time and platform used

Better yet….you can even add a new lot right from here too! If you are adding a new dealership at the same time as a new dealer, create the person first and follow the “quick add” steps to set up that new lot at the same time.

Stay tuned for the next upgrade!