What Can ShedVerse

Do For You?


ShedVerse can be customized for your specific business.

We understand that each portable building company is unique. That is why ShedVerse is designed to be tailored to your needs. You can pick only the software features that are most important to you, or you can take them all! Even the base-level package provides you with a fully functional ERP on day one.


If we don’t do it ourselves, we integrate with the pros who do!

Google Maps

Latitude and Longitude coordinates to easily calculate delivery mileage.

Idea Room

Design it online and bring it into the system at the click of a button.

Quickbooks Online

Reduce manual entries for your accounting team, without giving everyone their own QBO account.

Send Grid

Automated notifications about requests, approvals, and denials.


Accurate calculations you can trust.


Automated and individual SMS Messaging with your financing clients.

ShedVerse Key Modules


Efficiently generate accurate quotes, monitor activities, and gain a comprehensive overview of your pipeline utilizing easy to read charts and graphs. 

  • Quotes
  • Contracts
  • CRM
  • Lot Management
  • Lot Inventory Management


Effortlessly manage shed builds with an automated process that keeps you and your client informed about the build progress.


  • Manage Raw Material Inventory (MRP)
  • Product Builder
  • Production Management

Lease Management

Seamlessly navigate the payment process with a fully integrated lease management module designed to automate your collections management.


  • Collections
  • Payment Management 
  • Email and SMS Notifications 


Effortlessly manage shed builds with an automated process that keeps you and your client informed about the build progress.


  • Vendor Management
  • Dealer Management
  • Commissions
  • Multiple Quickbooks Accounts


Optimize your productivity by harnessing the automated functionalities integrated into workflows, notifications, marketing, and more.

  • Templates
  • Notifications
  • Workflows


Simplify your marketing efforts with the complete integration of campaigns, providing an automated and seamless process that offers easily reviewable feedback at the click of your mouse.


  • Campaigns
  • Event Management

    Driver Management


    Equips your dealers and drivers with the ability to maintain high productivity even when on the move, facilitating efficient deliveries and ensuring optimal use of valuable time.

    • Dispatcher Views
    • Driver Views

    Need Something Specific?


    We want ShedVerse to be the best at all things for a portable building company. Talk to a ShedVerse expert and let us know what you need. We will discuss it to see if it’s good fit for everyone and we can put it on the roadmap. Or you can sponsor a feature. API connections, Workflows, you name it. Let’s talk.

      Comprehensive Process and Workflow Solution.

      ShedVerse allows you to work seamlessly through each process of a customer’s shed project. Take your customers from initial contact to manufacturing to delivery to warranty in one universe. 

      Take your business to the next level and step into ShedVerse. Enabling your team to work quickly and efficiently through each step of the process. 


      Access to customers and prospects quickly and efficiently.


      Help customers in designing their sheds with all available options.


      Access to location and status of projects, right  at your fingertips.


      Finance your customers right from your own business.

      Let's Work Together

      Our professionals will listen to your needs, understand your business and how you work, then teach you how in ShedVerse.

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