Introducing the new Repairs Module! Whether it be warranties, storm damage, customer requested repairs, or (the worst beast) driver damage….ShedVerse can now help you manage all of those details. From the initial damage request, in which notes and images can be captured, to completing the repair (notes and images captured here too), tracking materials and expenses, and final billing for anyone which needs to be billed. ShedVerse manages it all!

General Workflow:

Repair requested. Images and notes captured on the nature of the damage and the type of repair requested.

Repair approved/denied. The main office will review the request and approve or deny.

Vendor Assigned. If request approved, repair assigned to vendor to complete.

Complete Repair. Vendor completes repair. S/he can track materials (and associated costs), as well as add expenses (reimbursable and non-reimbursable). S/he can add notes and images showing completed repair.

Repair Review. Main office staff will review repair work and either mark as “rescheduled” and send the vendor back out to make any adjustments required, or approve the repair request for payment.

Billing/Payments. If approved for payment, customer and/or vendor bills, and/or driver negative commission records will be created.

Payment. Once everything has been paid, repair will be closed.

There are 4 repair types in the system: Customer Pay, Driver Damage, Storm Damage, and Warranty. The various types allow for modified workflows for each. For instance, driver damage means that the system will allow you to create a negative commission record for the driver (for the full or partial amount of the repair cost), if you so desire, or it can create a vendor bill (or both!). Whereas a Customer Pay repair allows for the customer to be billed for the repair cost and a vendor bill created.

Repairs can be requested by a customer, by a dealer (if s/he finds damage on a lot building), by your staff who are inspecting dealer lots, and/or by a driver at the time of delivery, if s/he causes the damage. We’ve tried to make this module as flexible as necessary to make life easier no matter how it got complicated.